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Welcome to the Honor Awards Online Entry

Thank you for participating in IIDA Northern California's 20th anniversary of celebrating acheivment in interior design!

Entry Deadlines

Entry Submissions Packets are DUE December 30, 2022 11:59pm PST

2023 Submission Requirements

The IIDA Northern California Chapter Honor Awards aims to encourage new ideas and techniques in the design and furnishing of interior spaces. For our 20th anniversary, the Honor Awards program will focus on recognizing and honoring outstanding interior design completed in the Northern California Chapter.


The 2023 Honor Awards is open to design firms of all sizes, focus, and interest practicing in the IIDA Northern California region of Northern California. For entries from firms with multiple offices, there must be substantial participation* by the regional office. There are no restrictions on square footage, no limit to the number of projects that can be entered and projects can be located anywhere in the world. Individual projects can only be entered once in any one. Non-awarded projects submitted in previous years may be reentered as long as they still meet all other requirements. Projects must have been completed after January 1, 2019. 

*Substantial participation is constituted by 85 percent of the project team being located within the IIDA Northern California Chapter territory.

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged for suitability to the project challenge, originality of the design solution, and the successful integration of interior forms, finishes and furnishings. From the qualifying entries, one Honor Award will be awarded in each category.

Awards Catergories


Where we flourish: hospitals, medical facilities, clinics, assisted living, laboratories.

JEWELBOX ***New this year!***

Where we indulge: retail, wellness, hospitality, healthcare, and other experiential destinations on a smaller, more intimate scale. Projects under 5,000 usable square feet.


Anyplace we call home: homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartments, mobile homes or houseboats (full or partial renovations acceptable).


Where we entertain ourselves: hotels, restaurants, theaters, spas, casinos, stores, showrooms, malls, tasting rooms, sports arenas.


Where we meet: public spaces, libraries, schools, non-office government facilities, transportation centers, places of worship, museums.


Where we work: corporate workplace environments.

  • Small: Projects under 20,000 usable square feet.
  • Medium: Projects over 20,000 usable square feet and under 75,000 usable square feet.
  • Large: Projects over 75,000 usable square feet.


For each of the following additional awards, enter the project selecting the most appropriate category above. Supplemental information may be required.


Achievement in Sustainable Design

The award honors long-lasting, sustainable designs and projects with minimal environmental impact. Include applicable information about the extraordinary solutions (beyond code requirements) that encourage reuse, avoid landfills, and improve environmental wellbeing.


Achievement in Custom Design

This award recognizes an outstanding creative collaboration between the designer and craftsperson/fabricator. Entrees may include but are not limited to such functional or decorative elements as ceilings, stairways, wall treatments, work settings, furniture and lighting. 

SUMMIT AWARD ***New this year!***

Achievement in Partnership

This award celebrates success, promotes best practices and acknowledges the efforts of teams that create extraordinary designs through the power of their collaboration.



Winners will be publicly announced at the Awards celebration on March 23, 2023. Additionally, winners will be featured on IIDA NC’s website.

Use of Submittals

The project materials become the property of the IIDA NC Chapter. IIDA NC will use images from all submitted projects in multimedia presentations at the Honor Award event, IIDA NC's website & social media sites. IIDA NC reserves the rights to use the submissions for publicity and public relations.

Submission Requirements

Confidential Entry: Lists all Design Firm, Client & Team information and acknowledges IIDA NC use of submission information and images as outlined. Here is a link to a gogle doc with the questions from the submission to help gather your submission content.

Project Statement: Include client objectives, design program, square footage, and any other information the design team feels is relevant to the solution.

Client Consent: Acknowledgement from the design firm that you have consent from the client for the entry of their project for the 2023 Honor Awards Program. 

Client Statement (optional): Optional statement from the client discussing the client’s perspective on their experience with the design team as well as the success of the process.

Project Images: Provide a minimum of three and a maximum of ten digital images. Multi-image, collage photos are prohibitted.

Floor Plan: With each image keyed to the plan.


Submissions will be entered online only at https://iidanc.secure-platform.com

Entry Fees

IIDA Members: $225 Non-IIDA Members: $350


Email: media@iidanc.org